Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA): Tuition and Costs

Financial Planning

Expected Costs for Entire Program (2022-23)
Area of Cost Expected Cost
Flat rate per term (year one, 3 terms) $8,500
Flat rate per term (years two and three, 6 terms) $12,922
Total  $103,032 
Application fee Detroit Mercy (none)
Enrollment deposit ($1,000 non-refundable; but 100% applied to 1st term tuition) (included in tuition)
Required textbooks (approximate costs) $500-1000
Equipment (stethoscope, lab coat- approximate costs) $100
Required AANA Associate Membership (one-time fee, subject to change) $200
Petition for Graduation (approximate, subject to change) $95
Self evaluation Exam (approximate cost- changes yearly) $250
Certification Exam (approximate cost- changes yearly) $995
Software fees (approximate, subject to change) $280
Required Health Insurance varies

Expected Funds
Expected Funds Expected Allocation
Financial Aid _____
Loan _____
Grants _____
Scholarships _____
Personal Income _____
Savings _____
Family Support _____
Other _____
Other _____
TOTAL Funds _____

GRAND TOTAL (costs - funds = financing needed) _______

Please note that these are the current costs at the time this form was prepared and are subject to change. For the most current fee schedule, please call the program offices 313-993-2454 or see the Financial Aid website.