Welcome to the College of Health Professions & McAuley School of Nursing!

Message from the Dean

Dean Rosenburg

Here in the heart of University District – we see and hear the vibrant transformation of higher education in our city!  Detroit Mercy’s campus is abuzz with a spirit of service, hope, and commitment.  As educators, researchers and scientists in the College of Health Professions and McAuley School of Nursing, we strive daily to create meaningful opportunities for our students and our community. Since fall 2017, it has been my most rewarding experience as a Dean to lead such an outstanding and brilliant group of faculty and staff. We are making a difference in the lives of our students, each other and our neighborhood in Northwest Detroit.  As partners in the Live6 Detroit initiatives, our students immerse themselves in service learning – building trust and growing friendships as active collaborators in the Fitzgerald Neighborhood Initiative (https://www.fitzforwarddetroit.com/ ). 

Often, community leaders ask me how we plan to address the alarming health workforce needs.  At Detroit Mercy, we believe that sharing our rich heritage of the Sisters of Mercy and Jesuit traditions of service, education and affection to potential students is paramount.  We couple our powerful heritage to our innovative approach to a laser-focused education anchored in human caring, social justice and the aesthetics. Indeed, we have designed true programs for success.  Through this intentional recruitment of students, who yearn to explore, delve deep within oneself, become a part of our present, and create our future, we are truly rising within Detroit – a city with a spectacular story of Renaissance.

From the exceptional mentoring of our faculty to the robust hands-on experience among our numerous clinical, community and professional partners, Detroit Mercy students are poised to lead in an ever-changing and stressed health care system.  We are producing new leaders who have the tenacity, belief and minds to be a part of this incredible change in Detroit.

Our footprint as health care leaders does not stop here in Detroit.  Our students regularly embark upon global trips to explore, assess, and be a part of the change we want and need to see in the world. From Cuba, Ireland, Italy to El Salvador, and Kenya.  These incredible opportunities play a vital role in the formation and maturation of our students while holding steadfastly to our spiritual and communal underpinnings as a strong Sisters of Mercy and Jesuit academic institution of higher education.  I could not be more proud!

At the end of the day – this is a tremendously exciting time to be a health care provider/administrator! Certainly, the ongoing opportunities to be the leader of spiritually intact health education – truly, we are humbled to be a part of bridging the science and the art. I invite you to come see us, spend some time on our growing campus, talk to our faculty and students. I am confident that you will be pleased with what you see and hear. 

Be well, 

Neal Rosenburg, PhD
Dean & Professor
University of Detroit Mercy

Guiding Principles

These are our underlying values which exemplify living our mission and moving toward our vision: 

  • Passion for Excellence and Lifelong Learning
  • Valuing the unique contributions of each  member of the CHP
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Social Justice and Needs of the Underserved
  • Accountability to the Community
  • Responsiveness to the State of Practice, and the Foundational  Sciences


The College of Health Professions, in the Mercy and Jesuit traditions, prepares professionals to lead individuals, families, and communities to optimal health and well being.


The College of Health Professions is an Urban Center of academic excellence that prepares graduates to lead and serve the complex health care needs of our local and global communities and will be recognized for leadership and innovation in higher education.

Community Outreach

Clinics Provide Primary Care Services

Detroit Mercy’s McAuley Health Center clinics on both the eastside and northwest side of Detroit provided primary care and community outreach services to nearly 2,800 indigent and underserved individuals in 2011.

PAs Initiate Hand-washing Program

Through a grant from the Ford Community Corps Partnership, PA student David Dumais and Professor Amy Dereczyk implemented a hand-washing initiative in a local school.

Faculty, Students and Alumni Volunteer Services

Faculty, students and alumni have continued to provide service and volunteerism to community–based organizations throughout the city, inclusive of health screening and physical exams, and outreach activities to underserved populations. In addition, faculty and administrators performed research this past year to address areas related to the community, underserved populations, access to care and critical health indicators. Research areas included health literacy, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, women’s health and financial outcomes.