McAuley School of Nursing - We need you!

We need you to:

  • nursing img Improve the quality of life for those around you.
  • Care for your community in a professional and supportive manner.
  • Contribute to making individuals, the community and the world healthy.
  • Continue to make our region, and beyond, a leading force in the field of Nursing.
  • Carry on a tradition of Mercy and caring that we have been cultivating since the founding of Mercy College in 1941.
  • Do what you love while making a good living.

McAuley School of Nursing has a valued tradition of clinical excellence and is committed to graduating nurse practitioners who have the ability to meet society's evolving health care needs. With your help, the School of Nursing will continue this tradition by adding your capacity to make a difference to our own.

A Few Facts for You!

  • Entry level nursing graduates earn a minimum average starting salary of $40,000.
  • 100% of UDM nursing graduates have jobs upon graduation or are enrolled in graduate school.
  • Employers report high satisfaction with UDM nursing graduates.

At UDM our unique partnerships with community and local health care agencies also provide a variety of clinical sites.  If you want to be in school-based clinics, homeless shelters, traditional health care agencies or hospitals, UDM is your place!

Whether it’s at the level of undergraduate, graduate or beyond - Find out why UDM is the right Nursing School for you!