Master of Science Curriculum

Reviewed Jan. 2, 2019

Detroit Mercy has a rigorous, high-quality curriculum leading to a Master of Science with a Specialization in Nurse Anesthesiology. The classroom instructors ensure our students are prepared for success on the Board exam (our first-attempt pass rate over the last 12 years is greater than 93%). The clinical instructors give the student the skills and flexibility to provide high-quality nurse anesthesia care in any setting. One hundred percent of our graduates find positions upon graduation.

Full-Time (27 month) Track

The listing includes course number, title, and credit hours. These credit hours are based on four-month terms. For example, BIO5380 meets for 4 hours of lecture per week, over a four month period (4 x 16 = 64 contact hours total). Please note that only classroom experiences follow this format. Clinical Internships or research classes may require more time commitment than indicated by their credit weight. ANE5300 Physics and Biomedical Instrumentation is offered online.

Term 1 Fall

BIO 5380 Physiology I (4)
ANE 5600 Pharmacology I (4)
BIO 5420 Gross Anatomy (2)
BIO 5440 Gross Anatomy lab (2)
ANE 5490 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia I (3)
ANE 5491 Advanced Health Assessment (1)
16 credits

Term 2 Winter

BIO 5390 Physiology II (4)
ANE 5610 Pharmacology II (4)
ANE 5500 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia I (4)
ANE 6010 Clinical Internship I (1)
ANE 5700 Principles of Regional Anesthesia (2)
15 credits

Term 3 Summer

ANE 5510 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia II (4)
ANE 5300 Physics and Biomedical Instrumentation (3)
PYC 5030 Statistics (3) (may be taken prior to enrollment or any term before Term 5)
ANE 6020 Clinical Internship II (1)
11 credits

Term 4 Fall

ANE 5520 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia III (2)
HLH 5500 Research Methodology (3)
ANE 5100 Professional Aspects (2)
ANE 6030 Clinical Internship III (1)
8 credits

Term 5 Winter

ANE 6990 Master's Project (3), or Elective (3); see below
ANE 6100 Seminar (1)
ANE 6040 Clinical Internship IV (1)
5 credits

Term 6 Summer

ANE 6110 Pathophysiology Review (1)
ANE 6050 Clinical Internship V (1)
2 credits

Term 7 Fall

ANE 6120 Seminar (1)
ANE 6060 Clinical Internship VI (1)
2 credits

Total credits = 59

Students may elect to perform a research project. In this case they will choose ANE 6990 Master's Project for one credit in each of Term 5, 6, and 7. Students who do not complete the project will take one three-credit elective before graduating. Coursework is subject to the approval of the Director, and could include topical areas such as health care law, finance, ethics, or management.

Doctoral curriculum

The doctoral curriculum is pending approval by the Council on Accreditation. You can find a copy of our proposed DNP curriculum elsewhere on this site.