Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

Hospital administrator talking with health care staffThe Nursing and Healthcare Leadership (NHL) major prepares nurses for leadership positions across the complex and dynamic health care continuum. The program emphasizes content from all nurse executive competency domains (AONE, 2011) including communication and relationship building, knowledge of the health care environment, leadership skills, professionalism, and business skills. Students build a systems-thinking approach to patient care, starting with clinical microsystems as a building block. The use of evidence to shape decisions is emphasized through coursework in nursing informatics, decision support, business planning, and outcomes and care transitions management.

Nursing Leadership Preparation

Graduates of the NHL program are prepared for a variety of nursing leadership roles including nurse manager, clinical microsystem leader, case manager, quality-improvement specialist and program or project manager. Coupled with appropriate experience, graduates may be prepared for advanced roles in nursing informatics, or as a nursing director or executive. Those with requisite experience may be eligible to seek certification in case management, nursing informatics, or as a nurse executive.

Program Requirements and Delivery

The post-BSN to DNP with MSN exit with a major in NHL requires a total of 63 credits. A total of 39 credit hours and 268 internship and clinical hours are required for the MSN exit where the Master of Science in Nursing is conferred. An additional 24 credits and additional clinical hours are required for the completion of the DNP. The program is taught in an engaging online format that is flexible and student-centered. Students need not be a resident of Michigan to enroll in the program. Clinical sites and qualified preceptors are identified near the student’s home to complete the required internship/clinical hours.

A Note to Online Students

It is the responsibility of all applicants applying for admission in an online graduate nursing program to confirm if the program meets specific licensure requirements in the applicant’s state of residence. Applicants may contact the applicable licensing board.

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    Sample Program Plan

    Full-time and Part-time Options

    The McAuley School of Nursing is committed to flexibility in the program and therefore offers both full- and part-time options for degree completion. Full-time study can be completed in two years with some courses offered during the summer semester. Additionally, the program is offered online with course meetings scheduled in the evening to accommodate working adults.  The master of science degree in nursing is conferred at the completion of the program requirements.

    Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Sample Program Plan


    Required Courses

    MSN Integrated Core
    Course # Course Name Credits

    NUR 5030

    Analytic Methods for Clinical Practice

    3 credits

    HLH 7100

    Health Care Policy, Economics and the Law in Clinical Practice

    3 credits

    NUR 7000

    Advanced Theory & Knowledge Development for Clinical Practice

    3 credits

    NUR 7300

    Transformational Leadership & Innovation in Advanced Practice

    3 credits

    NUR 7400

    Information Management & Decision Support

    3 credits

    NUR 7500

    Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Theory, Design & Methods

    3 credits

    Advanced Practice Core
    Course # Course Name Credits

    NUR 5170

    Management & Leadership in Nursing

    2 credits

    HLH 5040

    Accounting & Financial Management for Nursing Leadership

    4 credits

    NUR 5910

    Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Internship

    3 credits

    NHL Concentration Courses
    Course # Course Name Credits

    NUR 5350

    Outcomes Management & Decision Support in Nursing

    3 credits

    NUR 5420

    Management of the Health Care Environment

    2 credits

    NUR 5450

    Business Planning for Nurse Leaders

    2 credits

    NUR 5650

    Population Health & Care Transitions Management

    2 credits

    NUR 5830

    Leadership & Quality Improvement in Clinical Microsystems

    3 credits

    DNP Integrated Core
    Course # Course Name Credits

    NUR 7700

    DNP Transition

    3 credits

    NUR 7200

    Epidemiology & Population Health

    3 credits

    NUR 7350

    Business Management to Ensure Quality in Health Care

    3 credits

    ETH 7010

    Ethical Issues in Advanced Nursing Practice

    3 credits

    NUR 7450

    Analytics for Evidence Based Practice

    3 credits

    NUR 7800

    Project Proposal Development

    3 credits

    NUR 7900

    DNP Clinical Practicum & Project Implementation

    3 credits

    NUR 7920

    DNP Doctoral Project

    3 credits

    Total Credits: 63 credits (39 for MSN conferral and 24 for completion of DNP)

    For more information on courses descriptions, please click here for the catalog.