MEAGN students participated in a mass casualty drill

September 15, 2023

emergency response stock photo

Students from the Master's Entry Advanced Generalist Nursing program participated in a mass casualty drill in conjunction with the Bloomfield Township Fire Department. With guidance from adjunct faculty Dr. Christopher Lopez, students played victims to give the first responders a realistic opportunity to experience such an event.

EMS Coordinator Mike Sova reported "The assistance of students made the training really great. All of the students did great and added realism for our first responders. We learned a lot of lessons and gained confidence in our abilities to respond to these events in the future."

Students reflected on the experience, one saying "overall it was a positive experience because I got to witness how the teams of police and rescue have to maneuver and start treating victims. My perspective changed completely. This will inform my future nursing practice as I will be more conscious of a patient's trauma. I will put myself in my patients' shoes to give them the care they truly need."

Students were provided the opportunity to seek counsel with social workers specializing in trauma on site. Faculty and advisers continue to follow up with students to address any negative responses from participating.