Advantages of Pre-PA at Detroit Mercy

As a Pre-PA student, you'll complete a rigorous curriculum in Biology, Biochemistry, or Chemistry that prepares you very well for graduate programs in Physician Assistant.

When you graduate, if you have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average AND a 3.3 science grade point average at the time of application to the Detroit Mercy graduate PA program, you'll be guaranteed an interview with the PA admissions committee.  This is special consideration for Detroit Mercy Pre-PA graduates only.

Pre-PA Club

The Pre-Physician Assistant Club was established in the Fall of 2012 by Jamie Farrugia, Brett Schulte, Reema Sutariya, and Chanel Pattah.


It shall be the purpose of the Pre-Physician Assistant Club to familiarize students with the Physician Assistant profession and the admission process through seminars, guest speakers, and community service opportunities; all of which that will adequately prepare students to enter the varied PA schools in Michigan.

Active Membership Requirements

If you would like to join the Pre- PA Club, come to one of our meetings and speak with a board member.

  1. Pay the $25 yearly dues (includes a t-shirt) 
  2. Attending meetings
  3. Participating in club activities and events

 Benefits of joining the Pre-PA Club

  1. Learn about the PA profession, admission requirements for PA schools, the GRE, CASPA, writing personal statements, the interview process, etc. 
  2. Meet with faculty of Detroit Mercy’s Physician Assistant Program. 
  3. Meet with current PA students to discuss their experiences. 
  4. Have the opportunity to be patient models for the PA school examinations. 
  5. Invite health professionals to speak to the club. 
  6. Participate in service learning activities. 
  7. Participate in club fundraisers and activities.