Bachelor of Science Health Information Management and Technology

HIMT students

Core curriculum can be found here.

HIMT Major Requirements (33 credits)

  • HIM 1090 Information Systems for Global Healthcare
  • HIM 2050 Medical Terminology
  • HIM 2080 PathoPharmacology for Healthcare Professionals
  • HIM 2600 Global Healthcare Data and Statistics
  • HIM 3400 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  • HIM 3750 Healthcare Classification Systems
  • HIM 3900 Clinical Documentation and Management of Health Information
  • HIM 4250 Quality and Security of Health Information
  • HIM 4600 Global Leadership and Strategic Planning for Health Professionals
  • HIM 4800 Healthcare Information and Data Governance
  • HIM 4900 Service Learning HIM Internship

Supportive Courses (9 credits)

  • BIO 2300 Human A&P Lecture I
  • BIO 2320 Human A&P Lecture II

Supportive Administrative Courses (12 credits)

  • HSA 3001 Accounting for Health Professions
  • HSA 3100 Healthcare Law and Regulations
  • HSA 4700 Evidence-Based Research for Health Services Administrators

Choose 1 focus (18 or 20 credits) - Supportive Technology Courses

Cybersecurity Focus with Minor in Cybersecurity

  • CIS 3350 Introduction to Human Factors and IT
  • CIS 4060 Software Requirements and Design
  • CIS 4070 Software Testing and Quality Assurance or
    • CIS 4600 Data Mining and Cybersecurity
  • CIS 4505 Software Project Management
  • CIS 4720 Introduction to Incident Response
  • CIS 4850 IA Risk Management

Computer Science Focus with a Minor in Computer Science

  • CCSE 1710 Intro to Programming I (3 cr)
  • CSSE 1711 Intro to Programming Lab (1 cr) 
  • CSSE 1720 Intro to Programming II (3 cr) 
  • CSSE 1721 Intro to Programming II Lab (1 cr)
  • CSSE 3430 Data Structures
  • CSSE 3540 Data Base Systems & Programming
  • CSSE 2130 Java or 4570 Software Project Management
  • CSSE 4610 Introduction to Data Mining or CSSE 4440 Web Technology

Data Analytics Focus

  • CIS 1010 Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • CIS 1020 Computers and Research
  • CIS 4560 Database Design 
  • CIS 4561 Database Management 
  • CIS 4600 Data Mining for Cybersecurity
  • CIS 4720 Intro to Incident Response

Admission Requirements and Resources for BS

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Why did I come to Detroit Mercy?

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Pat DeVoy, PhD, EdS, RHIA
Program Chair
College of Health Professions Room 333

Paula Strussione, BS, MHSA '19
Academic Coordinator
College of Health Professions Room 115

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predictes a 22% growth rate within the HIM field is expected through 2022
CNBC states two of the ten most in-demand jobs in the US are Information Security Analysts and Health Services Managers, both positions filled by HIM professionals.

The Detroit Mercy HIMT program has met the rigorous standards of delivering healthcare IT education and training by receiving status as an Approved Education Partner (AEP) through Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Please view the Letter of Program Approval.

The HIMT program is an educational partner with Health Information and Management Security Systems--an international HIM/Technology organization.