A Statement of Solidarity on behalf of the College of Health Professions and McAuley School of Nursing

We can never say “it is enough”

The recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have emphasized the history of systemic racism, inequities, and disparities in our country. Many of our students, faculty, and staff are struggling with feelings of sadness, pain, confusion, helplessness, and frustration.

The College of Health Professions and McAuley School of Nursing, in the Mercy and Jesuit traditions, has worked to empower Black and Brown lives and all who are marginalized. Our primary responsibility as healthcare professionals is to advocate for the health, safety, welfare, and dignity of all human beings.

We are committed to fostering an atmosphere in which the abounding diversity of our views, backgrounds, and experiences are welcomed and respected. In addition to our inclusive academic curriculum, we strive to build purposeful outreach programs and partnerships with our diverse local and national communities. We value diversity and inclusion in the learning environment, and strive to create a community grounded in collaboration, innovation, creativity, and belonging. All members of our community are responsible for upholding these values as they lead and serve courageously and compassionately.

We stand against racial discrimination and strongly condemn any violence and systems of inequities perpetrated against the Black and Brown community or any oppressed community. We will continue to promote values of inclusivity and justice. We remain steadfast in our collective efforts to advance human rights and reduce health disparities by educating a workforce that is compassionate and respectful of the inherent dignity, worth, intellectual potential, and uniqueness of every individual.

Consistent with our Mercy and Jesuit mission, we rededicate our work to the elimination of racial inequities and join with all who pursue justice for all. We are devoted to creating a culture where all individuals are respected, valued, and supported. Through ongoing dialogue, we will continue the work of learning and unlearning.

We are committed to listening and supporting. Students, faculty, and staff who wish to seek support may contact Assistant Dean Yvonne King in the office of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Innovation at chpdici@udmercy.edu  or call 313-993-1762.