Nursing Simulation Lab

Sim Lab

Located in the Health Professions Building, the McAuley School of Nursing Simulation Lab provides students with real-time healthcare experiences that assist them in critically thinking about patient care. In the lab, students will determine the care for a simulated patient who is programmed with a healthcare diagnosis and is fully interactive with them.

The class becomes a medical team taking turns providing the care a student nurse would give during a clinical experience. Colleges are not the only institutions using patient simulation labs. Hospitals across the country and in metro Detroit have installed them for ongoing skills training and team-building purposes with their hospital staffs.

Human Patient Simulators

The simulated patients can talk with the students, answering their questions, and are programmed with all the cardiac, respiratory and bowel sounds a person would have. The simulated patients also have pulses, blood pressure, inflatable lungs and intravenous access.

Birthing and Infant Simulators

In addition to normal simulated patient manikins, the Simulation Lab is equipped with one pregnant manikin and two lower fidelity adult birthing manikins. In this specific lab, students simulate a real labor and delivery situation. The mom's stomach unsnaps to reveal that she is equipped with a full-term baby manikin.

Students experience conditions that involve the placement of the umbilical cord, which could be wrapped around the baby's neck. Instructors also can change the positions of the baby to challenge students with circumstances surrounding these delivery complications.