PA Five-Year Program

Become a Physician Assistant in five years

The Physician Assistant (PA) program at UDM is the first five-year entry level master's degree program in Michigan. "Entry level" means that you enter UDM as a freshman and five years later you graduate with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant studies.

PAOur traditional program requires two years after you complete a four-year undergraduate program and those who are not currently high school students or those with a bachelor's degree may apply directly to the graduate program.

UDM's five-year accelerated track in the Physician Assistant program accepts a select number of highly-qualified entering freshmen. To find out more about the program, see the admission requirements.

To find out more about the PA profession, click on What is a PA?

Alternatives to PA 5-Year: At UDM, students can enter the Pre-PA program then apply to the graduate school.

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Physician Assistant Program
University of Detroit Mercy
4001 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221


Admissions: 313-993-1245 or 800-635-5020.

To apply online, visit the UDM admissions site