Curriculum & Outcomes

UDM HIM ProgramTo achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in HIM, you must complete 126 credits, which include the Detroit Mercy core curriculum, and the major courses. The HIM degree is offered jointly by the College of Health Professions (CHP) and the College of Liberal Arts and Education (CLAE) Computer and Information Systems Department.

Leadership Minor - HIM students only need four courses. Click on this link for more information

Health Information Management (HIM) Curriculum Example

Fall 15 credits Winter 15 credits
BIO 2300 Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Lab not required) 3 cr. BIO 2320 Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology II (Lab not required) 3 cr.
ENL 1310 Academic Writing* 3 cr. CST 1010 Fundamentals of Speech 3 cr
HSA 3010 Overview of Health Care Systems 3 cr. HIM 2050 Medical Terminology 3 cr
MTH 1010 Algebra or MTH 1020+1030+1040* 3 cr. PHL 1000 Intro to Philosophy 3 cr
CIS 1000 Intro to Computers (or 3 credit elective) 3 cr. HIM 1090 Information Systems for Health Professionals 3 cr
Fall 18 Credits Winter 15 Credits
HIM 2600 Management of Vital Health Data and Statistics 3 cr. CIS 4505 Project Management 3 cr.
HIM 3100 Pathophysiology for Health Professionals 3 cr. HIM 2800 Pharmacotherapy for Health Professionals 3 cr.
ETH 3580 Health Care Ethics 3 cr. HSA 3100 Health Care Law & Regulations 3 cr.
OB3A Social Science course 3 cr. OB4B any 2000-level RELS or CAS course 3 cr.
CIS 4060 Software Requirements and Design 3 cr. OB5A History course 3 cr.
OB4C any PHL, RELS or CAS course 3 cr.    
Fall 16 Credits Winter 18 Credits
HIM 3800 Healthcare Accreditation and Compliance 3 cr. HIM 3700 ICD Classification Systems  3 cr.
HIM 3650 Healthcare Reimbursement and CPT Classification Systems 3 cr. HSA 3585 Health Services Organization Management 3 cr.
CIS 4850 Information Assurance 3 cr. CIS 4560 Database Design 3 cr.
OB5C Aesthetic course 3 cr. STA 2250 Statistics 3 cr.
HSA 3000 Accounting for Health Care Professions (HSA 4925 co-requisite) 3 cr. HSA 4650 Health Services Financial Management (HSA 3000 pre-requisite) 3 cr.
HSA 4925 Synthesis of Management Applications (HSA 3000 co-requisite) 1 cr. Elective 3 cr.
Fall 15 credits Winter 14 credits
HIM 4200 Healthcare Quality Improvement & Outcomes 3 cr. HIM 4900 Health Information Management Internship** 3 cr.
OB5D Comparative course 3 cr. HIM 4600 Leadership and Strategic Planning for Health Professionals 3 cr.
HSA 4700 Evidence Based Research for HSA and HIM (STA 2250 pre-requisite) 3 cr. Elective 3 cr.
OB5B Literature course 3 cr. Elective 3 cr.
OB6B Contemporary Social Problems 3 cr. Elective 2 cr.

Total Credit Hours = 126      The last 30 credits prior to graduation must be taken at UDM
*These classes require a placement test
**Senior year internship is 3 credits; the student will spend 168 contact hours during the internship experience

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Health Information Management (HIM) 
Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Domain I, Subdomain I.A.1: Evaluate, implement and manage electronic applications/systems for clinical classification and coding.

  2. Domain I, Subdomain I.A.4: Evaluate the accuracy of diagnostic and procedural coding.

  3. Domain I, Subdomain I.B.1: Verify that documentation in the health record supports the diagnosis and reflects the patient’s progress, clinical findings, and discharge status.

  4. Domain I, Subdomain I.B.2: Compile organization-wide health record documentation guidelines.

  5. Domain I, Subdomain I.C.4: Advocate information operability and information exchange.

  6. Domain II, Subdomain II.A.2: Analyze legal concepts and principles to the practice of HIM.

  7.  Domain II, Subdomain II.B.1: Analyze privacy, security and confidentiality policies and procedures for internal and external use and exchange of health information. 

  8. Domain III, Subdomain III.B.2: Take part in the planning, design, selection, implementation, integration, testing, evaluation, and support of health information technologies.

  9. Domain III, Subdomain III.C.4: Analyze clinical data to identify trends that demonstrate quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare.

  10. Domain V, Subdomain V.C.1: Determine policies and procedures to monitor abuse or fraudulent trends.

  11. Domain VI, Subdomain VI.A.1: Take part in effective negotiating and use influencing skills.

Graduation and Employment Outcomes 2013-2014 




Receiving Degrees

1 (100%)

2 (100%)


1 (100%)

2 (100%)

Employed in Field

1 (100%)

2 (100%)

Unemployed and Seeking Employment

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*2015 data has yet to be published