Health Services Program

StudentThe Health Services program provides health professionals the opportunity to update their knowledge of health care delivery while earning a Bachelor of Science degree. It offers the knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to integrate service in selected areas of health care, while providing a broad perspective on the health care delivery system, with specific attention to topics unique to the field, such as quality and patient safety.

Students learn current information about community-based health, managed care, quality improvement and acquire an understanding of the health care consumer.

The Health Services program is unique in the Detroit Metro area, and is accessible to working adults who desire to earn a Bachelor's degree. Our course delivery includes the use of online Internet support and intensive courses.

Health Services students typically transfer into the program with some college credit or with an associate degree. Health Services is not for traditional students because it provides current, but general, knowledge of the health care field that is intended to complement the very specific training students already have and are using on the job.

UDM Health Services graduates work in ambulatory care, home health agencies, physician practices, HMOs, aging services, hospice, hospitals and other health care delivery facilities.

Health Services as a pre-Physician Assistant degree.

The Health Services undergraduate degree provides a unique opportunity for students whose ultimate goal is admission to the graduate-level Physician Assistant program. They may earn an undergraduate degree while completing the pre-requisite courses for the PA program. An individual program of study that fulfills both sets of requirements is designed for the student by the Health Services academic advisor.